Historical Miscellany

HMS Defender 1953 - memories of her first commission.

HMS Drake & Sir Francis Drake - reproduction of a booklet published by the Wardroom of HMS Drake and now out of print

HM Schooner Pickle - history of the vessel & the race

Modern Admiral Nelson - a satire in 2004

New Modern Navy - a satire in 2007

Naval customs, expressions, traditions, and superstitions - a reproduction of a booklet published by Gieves Ltd in the 1920s and now out of print

Naval Dictionary - MOD website devoted to origins of Naval words and slang.

Nautical terms - a glossary of nautical terms.

Passing the port - a summary of the history and traditions, particularly from a Royal Navy perspective

Pearl Harbour - Historic photos first discovered in 2009

Some Principles of Maritime Strategy - 1911 book by Sir Julian Stafford Corbett, naval historian.

Royal Marines in East Devon - reproduction of a booklet published by the Royal Marine Historical Society in 1986, and now out of print

Russian Ships - some photogravures of the early 1900s

South Devon Evacuation 1944 - Exercise Tiger

Victoria Cross decorations from East Devon

Videos - Pathe News film archives featuring the Royal Navy

Each of these reproductions acknowledge the copyright of the original; are solely published as a historical record, and are not for profit.

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