Scrapbook of Visits and Events


2018 Annual Dinner CTCRM

2017 Visit to HMS Raleigh

2016 Official Visit to COMATG

2013 Artctic Star Presentations & Traqfalgar Service

2013 Visit to ACORAM in St Malo

2013 Visit to HMS Defender

2013 Visit to Plymouth University Simulator

2010 Visit to Land Warfare Centre

2009 Hosting visit by ACORAM Rennes

2009 Launch of HMS Defender

2009 Decommissioning HMS Exeter

2009 Visit to Appledoor Shipyard

2009 Visit to HMS Ocean

2008 Committee visit to COMATG

2008 Sea Day HMS Exeter

2007 Visit to HMS Bulwark

2007 Visit to RFA Largs Bay

2007 Visit to RM Assault Squadron

2007 Hosting ACORAM Rennes

2007 Falklands 25 CTCRM

2006 Visit to ACORAM Rennes